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: Bi-Weekly Update for 01 December 2009/ 1 2009

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     Bi-Weekly Update for 01 December 2009/ 1 2009

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    Bi-Weekly Update for 01 December 2009

    1) Contents

    * Light on Staffing for the Holidays
    * Exploiting using Bugged Food
    * Posting to Appropriate Forums
    * Crash to Desktop
    * In-Game Macros
    * Camping the Cloners
    * Notice on TC Fixes and Changes
    * Staffing and Support
    * Quick Stats

    2) Body:

    Minimal Staffing

    The staff wants to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season over the next month.

    With the holidays looming, many staff will be taking time off to spend time with family and friends. Please be aware that staff will not be as available as we normally are during other months of the year. Responses to emails, postings and other issues may be slow.

    Food Exploits on TC Nova

    Exploiting by using bugged food is not allowed on TC Nova. Please delete and refrain from using Flameout and Scrimpi. Additionally, some peices of Synthsteak may be bugged. You can see if the sythsteak is bugged by watching the combat log. If you are taking zero damage, please delete those pieces of sythsteak. Taking zero damage is considered exploiting and the account is subject to administrative action.

    Posting to the Appropriate Forums

    We have many new members who have entered our community and are not always aware of forum posting rules. Please review these Terms of Service, Player Rules and Policies and Forum Use guidelines before posting. All members are encouraged to stay on topic for the thread. The trolling, flaming, advertising and otherwise disrespecting of others counteracts the productive purpose of the forums and will face increased scrutiny and severe consequences. Please report inappropriate posts.

    Special thanks to those members who have thoughtfully and consistently helped put newbie posters back on track: Labryinth, Vlada, and mijom.

    Crash To Desktop

    Some players are experiencing CTD when on Endor and Lok. The following changes to your game set up will often alleviate this issue. Close all instances of the game. Then open LaunchPadEnanced, choose game options, and go to the advanced tab. Disable the the world preloading, file caching, and asynchronous loader. Save and close your LPE. Restart LPE and attempt to load in. If this does not work, it also helps to disable bump mapping, use low detail textures, disable multiple-pass rendering and disable V-sync.

    Cantina In-Game Macros

    It is becoming hard for ATK players to speak in spatial in the cantinas due to AFK macros spamming spatial. Spamming is against the Player Rules for TC. Please keep all AFK spam emotes and repeated macro lines to 5 minute intervals or longer. This makes the minimum pause at 300. There isn't a real need to make announcements, solicit tips or make random emotes more than once every 5 minutes if you are not ATK. Entertainer buffers can deliver their instructions via groupchat in their macro. All AFK spammers will find themselves with a one-way trip to southern Lok and repeat offenders will be introduced to firmer measures.

    Camping in the Cloners

    Players that kill another character in the field may not follow the character to the cloner and "camp" them for a second or third kill. This includes bringing additional members of the killer's guild or alts to wait at the cloner. As a rule of thumb, do not kill any player within the cloning facility.

    Notice on TC Fixes and Changes

    Until further notice, the only upcoming TC fixes will be dealing with the rubberbanding issues. All other fixes will be applied after the OR is released.

    * Removed Channel Force Skill due to it being broken
    * Removed a number of other miscellaneous broken skills until they are fixed.

    Staff and Support

    * We would like to welcome Ellyssia to the GM team. She has provided outstanding support and assistance as a volunteer. Everyone give a great big hand to our newest GM!

    Last but not least, we'd especially like to thank the Support Volunteers who have been overwhelmingly helpful with IRC support. We'd never get anything done without them! Thanks to: Shadow-Viper, Tiger, Corbaer, Mijom, Ellyssia, Shotter, KarlDeux, Geforce and sam_enock

    Quick Stats for 15 November 2009 to 1 December 2009

    Developer Code Commits: 1

    Average Web/Forum Daily Hits: 49,771
    Total Web/Forum Hits: 764,748
    Total Users who used the Website: 27,183
    Current number of SWGEmu Accounts: 103,089

    Average TC Daily Logins: 5,112
    Total TC Logins: 181,312
    Total Users who used the TC: 18,169

    3) Staff Perspectives ("Round Table")

    Originally Posted by Tow'lin
    I'd like to start get some events going for you guys and I have some ideas, but I would absolutely love to hear what you guys have in mind. Shoot me an email at towlin@swgemu.com and let me know what you've got! If the events team likes it and it gets approved, you can be sure to see it happen on Nova! Keeping watching the forums and the events calendar for upcoming events!

    Originally Posted by cRush
    I've been busy with school, trying to finish off the semester strong. Furthermore, my parents have been in desperate need of help around their house. I have been spending a lot of time on that front cleaning, repairing, and preparing their house for eventual market. Coupled with the approaching holidays, these activities have been soaking up most of my free time. After the 18th of December, I should have more time to get knee deep in the OR again.

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