Table of Contents:
-- Introduction
-- Resources
-- What To Grind
-- Droids
-- Making Money As an Artisan
-- Should I Master Artisan

Welcome to my guide, How To Grind Artisan! In this guide you will learn what to make to quickly grind this profession, and also what to do to make the most money the fastest so that you can kick start your elite profession.

The biggest draw back of this profession and also it's greatest strength is the fact that you have to obtain resources in order to make anything in the game. The fact that every artisan profession relies on resources ensures that mastering your elite profession will take time and money. The fastest way to get enough resources and cash is to master the surveying skill tree. This way you can spend less time hunting for small pockets of resources and easily locate the large pockets. Since, honestly, surveying is boring I recommend macroing it, and you can probably master it in a night, you will want to get friendly with a Master Artisan so you don't have to spend money on training.

After obtaining Survey IV you are now in a position to get harvesters setup that will pull the majority of the resources you need for you. I recommended going to your local bazaar and buying a Wind Machine and two Mineral Extractors. Make sure that these have a base extraction rate of 5, that way you maximize the amount of resources that this type of harvester can pull.

I also recommended selling all the resources that you make, except for Wind energy. That way you always have energy and you can keep obtaining more resources. As you start making a profit start buying more mineral extractors, and just keep selling. You will want to work up to at least 2 Heavy Mineral Extractors (base extraction rate of 15) and a fusion generator. The heavy extractors will allow you to get about 15,000 units of resources per day (this is an average of what mine have been able to pull in a 24 hour period), and the fusion generator can probably power about 18 mineral extractors. This way you can stockpile and sell resources. You will want to learn what resources you will need for your elite profession, that way you don't have to spend days waiting for enough resources to grind just one skill. A recommendation for any elite skill on the engineering branch - buy a fusion generator (make this a priority), three heavy mineral extractor, one deep crust extractor, and one gas extractor (largest one, I can't remember it's name). For the most part Inert Gas, Steel, and Inert Petrochemicals are going to be what you need the most. The rest you can just buy off the bazaar.

Here is a price guide for each harvester (at least from my research):
Fusion Generator - 90k - 100k
Heavy Mineral Extractor - 85k
Deep Crust Chemical Extractor - 85k
Gas Extractor - 85k - 100k

Recommended Prices for selling resources on the bazaar (cpu = credits per unit)
Minerals (any) - 3cpu
Chemicals (any) - 3cpu
Gas (any) - 2cpu
Energy (any) - 2cpu

You will need to check the local bazaar and see what they usually sell at since most area's are different, on Kauri server I was able to sell Steel in Anchorhead for 3cpu and in Theed I can only sell for 1.5cpu. This is were you will need to make a judgement on where you want to sell and where things will sell the best. I recommended asking a master artisan for more assistance.

When I was grinding resources, I bought 4 Wind Machines and 6 Mineral Extractors and made 200,000 credits in 4 days. You just have to really pay attention to the market.

One last thought, most elite professions on the engineering branch require 600,000+ resources to complete, if you go to you can find out exactly how many resources each item uses, also visit the forums for your elite profession to learn more.

What To Grind:
I grinded mineral survey devices all the way to Engineering IV. It was rather easy, once I did that I grinded wind machines, they give about 450xp, and I grinded both Droid Engineer and Architect on that in about 2 hours total.

I recommended buying a droid that has the crafting station for your elite profession. If you intend to master many artisan elite professions, you can get a R2 droid with all the crafting stations available and you can make anything you want (with experimentation) away from your home terminal.

The structure maintance droids are very nice, they can pay any maintance on any harvester, as long as you an admin on that harvester. The only bad this is these guys cannot restart a stopped harvester and cannot pay power. This is something I recommended getting if you have off world harvesters or you dont have the time to travel to all your harvesters.

Making Money As an Artisan:
This should be relatively easy, since everything an Artisan makes (well almost everything except for those bird cages) are useful to someone. Master Artisan are the only ones that can make vehicles and certaint components for other elite artisan professions, and Artisans with survey are the only ones out there selling resources, you can also selling basic Harvesters if you have Engineering IV. I recommended asking around to Master Artisans on your server and see what they sell, a lot of people can sell weapon powerups, I never been able to, but I know people that make pretty good money doing it. Just ask around you would be supprised at what you find out other people are doing.

Should I Master Artisan:
This is something that gets asked a LOT, I recommend if you are mastering ONE elite artisan profession to master Artisan, if you are doing TWO elite artisan professions you won't have enough skill points for anything else and this can be someone restrictive. Its really a preference issue, if you want to make components for your elite profession that only Master Artisans can make then master this profession, otherwise you can buy the items from someone else. Most people I have talked to opted to not master artisan.